How to decorate a BED AND BREAKFAST Hotel

Hotel refers to a commercial institution that provides safe and comfortable space for users to have short-term rest and sleep. Bed and breakfast refers to the use of local idle resources to provide tourists with small accommodation facilities to experience the local nature, culture, production and lifestyle. From their definitions, we can see the difference between B & B and Hotel – B & B allows people to experience the local customs and feel a different life. Therefore, this requires the decoration design of B & B to have personality, which is different from the general hotel decoration design.

#1 Decoration design principles of B & B

  1. Personalization and differentiation – pursue delicacy and characteristics

Generally speaking, the number of home stay rooms is less than 15, which is smaller than the number of dozens or hundreds of rooms in the hotel. Therefore, B & B does not pursue scale and luxury, but small and beautiful. If the B & B wants to be small and beautiful, it must be exquisite and characteristic, and the delicacy and characteristic of the B & B is reflected through its distinctive personality and the difference from other B & B.

Everyone has his own unique personality, so does the B & B. Every excellent B & B has its own unique personality. Personalization refers to the unique personality and temperament of the home stay. It conveys the owner’s lifestyle, ideas and hobbies through some unique elements or combinations. Differentiation refers to the difference between home stay and other similar products, and home stay personality is the biggest difference between home stay and other similar products.

We can use a unique style to shape the personality of the B & B, fill the spirit of the B & B with bricks and tiles, plants and trees, and stimulate the vitality of the B & B with a vibrant life concept and culture.

  1. Regionality – integration into local culture

It can be said that every guest staying in the B & B hopes to experience the local customs in the B & B. If a home stay can frequently attract tourists to book again or recommend it to others, it is largely because the local characteristic culture has a great attraction to it. At this time, B & B is no longer a simple place to stay, but a window for the display of local culture.

In the decoration design, we can fully tap the local characteristic cultural elements, retain and highlight the useful local elements. We can integrate the local culture by retaining the local natural landscape (ancient trees and the like) and using local building materials (slate, stone, wood and the like).

  1. Economical and practical, easy to clean

B & B, like hotels, is a business, and the cost should not be too high. Therefore, the home stay decoration should be economical and practical when taking into account the quality and characteristics. The B & B only needs to be clean and tidy, with distinctive personality and unique style, comfortable and safe material, without excessive exaggeration. Because the home stay is different from home, it needs to be cleaned and cleaned frequently, so we should consider cleaning when decorating. If the home stay decoration is beautiful and chic, but it is difficult to clean up, it will increase the later operation cost.

  1. Pay attention to environmental protection

B & B and the surrounding environment complement each other. Tourists will stay in B & B because of the surrounding beautiful natural environment and harmonious cultural environment. Therefore, we should also pay attention to environmental protection in the decoration of home stay. In the planning of home stay decoration, first, we can reduce the damage to the local environment as much as possible, and keep the original plants to the greatest extent. Secondly, we can use local materials and use low-carbon and energy-saving materials to build accommodation.

  1. Follow the simple nature and convey the attitude of “slow life”

Today’s society is a fast-paced society. You have to catch the earliest bus, the latest subway, have breakfast on the road and get married… Everything is in such a hurry, so most people who stay in B & B live a busy and depressed life. Therefore, when building a home stay, we should follow the principle of simplicity and nature, create a leisurely atmosphere for it, convey the attitude of “slow life”, let it slow down, calm down and enjoy life, and finally find its original heart.

#2 Common home stay decoration style

Now there are many kinds of B & Bs on the market, and there are many kinds of classification methods. One is divided by decoration style, such as Chinese style, Japanese style, modern simplicity, Nordic, pastoral, small fresh, industrial and ethnic… The second is divided by customer group types, such as family room, couple room, children’s room, friend gathering light lying room, business room, etc. Next, we take the customer group type as an example, hoping to provide some ideas for you who are decorating or preparing to decorate the home stay.

  1. Family housing

We live in a country with a strong sense of family. Whenever there are holidays, as long as conditions permit, most people will come to a family trip that says to go. When families travel, customers have high requirements for accommodation. They hope that the home stay can give customers a general feeling of home. Therefore, when the family room is decorated, it can provide warm and comfortable rooms for customers.

The decoration of the family room can adopt the Nordic style, with logs as the main decoration materials, white as the main tone, and accessories in bright and light colors as the auxiliary. With a touch of warm light, the room looks particularly warm. The family room also needs to be equipped with mahjong table, chess and card room, tea room, TV and other leisure and entertainment equipment in the public space for customers to entertain in their spare time.

  1. Couple Honeymoon Room

Couples’ honeymoon room is a very important type of home stay. Because young couples and newly married couples in the honeymoon period hope to escape from daily life from time to time, feel love and add fire to love in a warm and romantic room. Therefore, we should focus on the words of love, romance, aestheticism and warmth when decorating the couple’s honeymoon room.

We can use round bed and large water bed instead of double bed, and create a romantic atmosphere with elegant gauze, pink decoration, scattering roses on the bed, etc. If conditions permit and there is a bar, we can place red wine and red wine glasses on the bar.

  1. Children’s room

When decorating the parent-child room, we should give more consideration to children. On the one hand, we should consider the safety of children. We try not to use fragile items such as glass, and all corners are ground into rounded corners to avoid bumping and injury. On the other hand, considering the children’s nature of playing and curiosity, we can make a small amusement park in the corner of the room, spread the carpet and place children’s books, cars, Trojans and other toys on it. We can also set up tea tables and tatami for parents’ leisure and entertainment opposite the small amusement park. Parents can not only relax here, but also observe their children.

  1. Business room

The business room is for business people on business trips to live and work, so it doesn’t need to be too fancy. Just choose modern simple style decoration. The business room is not only used for living, but may also involve some business negotiations and copying and printing of materials. Therefore, the room can be equipped with small copy printers, staplers, document bags and other business supplies.

  1. Light room for friends’ gathering

The decoration of light lying room focuses on the decoration of public space. The lights of public space can be replaced by effect lights in KTV (which can change various colors and patterns), and colored lights and balloons can be hung to create an atmosphere; You can put game props such as werewolf killing script, cards and who is undercover on the table to play games together

  1. Characteristic theme room

Ethnic theme houses are also popular theme houses, because China has 56 ethnic groups, and each ethnic group has different living styles. For example, Bai folk houses in Dali, Naxi folk houses in Lijiang, Dai Diaojiaolou in Xishuangbanna, etc. If the destination of our travel is a minority inhabited area, we all hope to stay in the local characteristic folk houses and have a different accommodation experience.

When we decorate the home stay, we want to shape the personality of the home stay, which is different from other similar products, and the personality of the home stay can be realized by integrating into the local culture. During the home stay decoration, we should also pay attention to the economy, practicality and environmental protection, follow the principle of simplicity and nature, and provide customers with safe, comfortable, quiet, peaceful, exquisite and characteristic accommodation space

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