One of Alex Polizzi’s top affordable hotels – Daily Telegraph.



One of Alex Polizzi’s top affordable hotels – Daily Telegraph.

B & B Redecorating – Wall Decoration

Our B & B has been decorated for several years, and some furniture has been damaged and aged. It needs redecorating,especially the walls. We communicated with several decoration companies, then chose one of them to design and construct, and finally completed it recently. In decoration, design is the core part of decoration. Only good design can produce good results. This is more obvious in the decoration of B & B. To do a good job in decoration design is the first step to do a good job in decoration. Only when you open your head, can you have a good result. The decoration design stresses on highlighting individuality and self-expression. Different design styles show different decoration effects. Good B & B decoration design can make the B & B decoration shine. In this decoration, in order to save time and cost, we used several vinyl wall stickers in the wall decoration, and the final effect was good. If you need wall art decals stickers, you can take a look at this wall sticker brand, happydecal ca. Their wall decal is made of vinyl material, also called PVC. Although it is not as thick as fabric material, it is easier to construct and cheaper. It is suitable for those who want to decorate the wall quickly. Now, let’s take a look at:

A、 Rational thinking

In B & B decoration, design is a highly unified rational design and perceptual design. Its first entry point is to serve the goal of economic benefits. This is a process full of rational thinking.

  1. Market positioning

Through in-depth communication with the owner, it is very important to understand the intention of the investor, investigate and analyze the city, region, adjacent buildings and natural ecological environment where the B & B is located, and give an accurate positioning to the B & B.

  1. Functional division

The functional division of B & B also needs more rational thinking. Before the design, it is better to draw a flow diagram according to different market positioning, different positions, areas and proportions of various spaces in the whole B & B. The wall decor needs to be paid more attention. The function division shall not only meet the various behaviors of the guests’ accommodation, entertainment and shopping, but also ensure the smooth progress of various behaviors of the home stay Management (including various types of work) (avoid cross operation).

  1. Sense of space – Wall decoration

Wall decoration is very important for a hotel. The color of the wall gives customers different sense. We have mentioned using wall stickers to decorate the walls. You can also custom the wall stickers to fit your need. You can personalise the colours, the designs when you buy the wall stickers. The sense of space is the psychological feeling given by the virtual and real enclosure of a decent building. The most ideal state should be to integrate the architectural planning of B & B design with the interior space. This is the perfect combination of reason and sensibility.

  1. Style of the B&B. – Using different Wall Color and materials.

The design style of B & B is inseparable from its market positioning, which is restricted by the cultural background.

B、 Style

Various types of B & B will have different design styles. For example, the overall style of holiday B & B must be relaxed, jumping, bright and casual, while the functionality of business B & B is the first, and its style must be simple, bright and eye-catching… The author would like to talk about his feelings about the following points. The most direct impression of a building or an indoor space is the sense of scale. Whether it is the Forbidden City in Beijing or the circular square in Rome, their overall scale gives people a sense of grandeur. The dimensions of each rafter, each sculpture and each column head in each space are just right and beautiful to the extreme.

  1. Lights

Lighting design is a big professional field. Key lighting, indirect lighting, main light source, secondary light source, adjustable light source, cold and warm light, etc. All have different applications in different space designs of B & B.

  1. Color

The use of color has been paid more and more attention in the design of B & B. It has a strong visual impact and is easy to form a distinct impression.

  1. Accessories for the wall

Accessories cover a wide range, including various decorative surfaces, sculptures, plants, flower arrangements, ceramics and other decorations. The design of accessories should also be included in the design of B & B, which is designed or selected by the designer as a whole. It is a soft design, and the selection of many accessories reflects a kind of humanism.

Design is a kind of artistic conception that originates from life and is higher than life. What it embodies is a combination of beauty and its own. In the design of B & B decoration, only by giving more prominence to the personality and characteristics of the B & B itself, can the B & B wall decoration have more aesthetic and natural coordination functions. The design of the B & B wall decoration should be done well to make the B & B decoration more stylish. This is the essential point of the decoration, and it is also the key we have to master in the hotel wall decoration.

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